red roses with plush toy and chocolates
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Stuffed rabbit Red roses Rafaello chocolate box

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Buy red roses, a plush bunny and a box of Raffaello coconut candy

A decent gift, like a good compliment, is distinguished by its originality. Still our online flower delivery service can offer you a fresh approach. So while everyone else is buying standard bears and chocolates, choose the charming plush bunny and delicious "Raffaello" coconut candies!

You can add any number of flowers to the set: a huge bouquet of roses or just a single stem. We can prepare the arrangement in a glass vase and/or decorate it with extra greenery and wrap it nicely for an additional fee. There are also balloons, a cake or a toy buddy for the bunny - a stuffed puppy or a teddy bear.

If you are planning to order flowers online to really impress the recipient, this set or roses, bunny and Raffaellos turns out to be an excellent solution. Plus, it's more cost-effective than just picking plain roses and then manually adding options to them.

A similar gift but with a more traditional toy and sweets selection is called "You and Me", is a bouquet of roses with a bear and chocolates. In terms of price, these two products match completely. And if you wish to save even more you can abandon the plush component and choose just red roses with chocolates.

Send gifts and flowers to family and friends anywhere in the world with Cyber Florist! We have been in this business for over 10 years now.

Red roses, a plush bunny and a box of Raffaello coconut candy with delivery

Great combination of cuddle toy, sweet chocolates and magnificent flowers!

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