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Want to earn cash with your blog or website? Cyber Florist’s affiliate program through AdmitAd is easy, and totally free for you to join. You can make extra money offering your audience flowers, gourmet gifts, and other products that they’ll love. While your audience grows, you’ll be earning 10% of any sales that come from your affiliate links. Read on to learn how Cyber Florist affiliates earn easy cash, enhance their own reputations, and offer their audiences a quality service around the world.
Cyber Florist: The Experienced Worldwide Delivery Service
From connecting your audience to worldwide flower delivery on Valentine’s Day to helping business executives find unique ways to thank their partners and clients, you’ll be able to bring real value to your readers. Customers of Cyber Florist enjoy same-day shipping worldwide, sending roses to Russia, flowers and gifts to Ukraine, and bouquets to many other countries. As an affiliate, you’ll be a part of making someone’s day with a stunning array of gifts and flowers!
Cyber Florist has more than 15 years of experience delivering flowers and gifts around the world. Our designer bouquets, toys, candy, and fruit baskets are always crowd pleasers. With a huge delivery network, custom flower arrangements, and the best customer service in the industry, your audience will love the quality and value we offer.

Cyber Florist Affiliates Earn Cash

The affiliate program offers you the ability to earn money every time a member of your audience clicks on your link and makes a purchase. Simply add your unique affiliate link to your website, social media profile, emails, or anywhere that may earn you clicks. As an affiliate of Cyber Florist, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • 10% commission for all new sales
  • 30 days – cookie live

This means that you’ll get 10% of every sale that comes through a link with your affiliate ID. And if a customer clicks on your link, decides not to buy, but comes back within 10 days of clicking on your link, you’ll earn commission on that sale. Our high-quality bouquets and gifts are frequently sold at over $100 each, so you could potentially earn $10 or more per click. It’s easy to see how fast you could be earning big bucks.

Signing up for our affiliate program is easy, and there are tons of ways to include your affiliate ID on your website or social media profile. Add a link into your content, into the description of a video, on banners or images, and more. You never pay to join the program, or to remain an affiliate. Simply earn money and provide value to your audience. The Cyber Florist brand is synonymous with great value, quality customer service, and amazing variety. Enjoy the same excellent reputation as our partner when you join our affiliate program.


If you are interested in becoming a Cyber Florist affiliate, register today. The easy and fast sign up process is the only thing standing between you and easy money! Our affiliate program is managed by AdmitAd system.

How to join

You just need to fill out the registration form on the link below

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