For Local Florists

Our company is always expanding its network of florists and partners. We offer partnerships to flower shops, delivery services, and organizations that want to become part of our service.

Today, our partner network includes more than 1000 shops and companies. However, we constantly work on expanding our catalogue and geography of our deliveries. And you can help us with that, all while increasing your sales and local reputation.

What we do:

  • We make timely payments. Unlike many other services, we are always ready to pay immediately.
  • We help you increase your revenue. We are ready to buy flowers and gifts at retail prices and pay for delivery in your city.
  • We help you increase your sales and reputation locally. We can offer you our services to deliver orders for your clients. We also offer various methods of payment for such orders, including barter, making it even easier for your clients to buy.

What you do:

  • You provide the highest quality goods and services. We value our reputation and yours.
  • You ensure a quick response. It is very important for us to have prompt communication with our partners via emails, and your help is invaluable in this area.
  • You help our clients and yours with specific inquiries. Customer loyalty is our most desired trait in our partners.

If you are interested in being our partner, please fill in the form below, and we will reach out to you ASAP.

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