red roses with box of chocolates

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Red roses A box of chocolates

Standard delivery time is 1 day. We guarantee same-day delivery if the order is placed and paid before 12pm local recipient's time.

Appearance and brands may vary according to the assortment of a certain region. Our general responsibility is keeping quality and integrity of items delivered.

Buy a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates

An excellent choice when you do not have time to make this choice and just need urgent flower delivery. This combination of classic gifts suits any romantic occasion.

In this case we won't be able to tell you how much a bouquet of roses costs right from the start as you select the desired quantity yourself: from just one flower to over a hundred of them. It turns out this item would work equally well as both a modest and economical option and an expensive and chic one.

Roses are offered here with no additions, but you can include some greens along with nice wrapping or a glass vase to them as paid options. This list continues with plush animals, a cake or 5 balloons — feel free to add anything from it or even everything at once.

For those who don't like or cannot eat chocolate we recommend almost the same gift, which includes red roses and cookies instead of sweets. And for people whose sweet tooth has a refined sense of taste, we prepared an elegant arrangement of flowers and macaroons in a box.

Affordable flower bouquets, delicious options and quick delivery — all this awaits you at Cyber Florist. Place your order on our website and contact 24x7 support if you encounter any difficulties or would like to ask any questions.

A bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates with delivery

This simple combination of finest red roses and premium chocolates makes a truly perfect gift!

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