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Herring filet original Herring filet original 200 g Add to Cart $5.99
Smoked capelin caviar Smoked capelin caviar 180 gr Add to Cart $7.99
Horse-mackarel fillet Horse-mackarel fillet 400 g (vacuum packed) Add to Cart $10.99
Halibut filet Halibut filet 400 g Add to Cart $12.99
Pike perch fillet Pike perch fillet 400 g (vacuum packed) Add to Cart $14.99
Light-salted salmon fillet Light-salted salmon fillet 300 gr (vacuum packed) Add to Cart $17.99
Spanish mackerel cold-smoked Spanish mackerel cold-smoked 1 kg Add to Cart $18.99
Whole shrimps 70/90 Whole shrimps 70/90 850 gr Add to Cart $19.99
Humpback salmon smoke-cured Humpback salmon smoke-cured 1 kg (on a tray) Add to Cart $19.99
Sea bass fillet Sea bass fillet 400 g (vacuum packed) Add to Cart $21.99
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