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Canned products

Half pears in syrup Half pears in syrup 420 g Add to Cart $3.99
Zucchini spread Zucchini spread "Ogorodnikov" 480 gr Add to Cart $3.99
Marinated tomatoes Marinated tomatoes 680 gr Add to Cart $3.99
Eggplant Spread Eggplant Spread Eggplant Spread 500 gr Add to Cart $4.00
Aubergine paste Aubergine paste 500 gr Add to Cart $4.29
Oyster mushrooms marinated Oyster mushrooms marinated 330 g Add to Cart $4.49
Pitted Black olives Pitted Black olives "Bonduelle" 300 gr Add to Cart $4.49
Cherry tomatoes marinated Cherry tomatoes marinated 580 gr Add to Cart $4.69
Peaches in syrup Peaches in syrup 580 gr Add to Cart $4.69
Dill pickles Dill pickles "Dyadya Vanya" 680 gr Add to Cart $4.99
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