bouquet of gerberas and chrysanthemums

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Small: Yellow gerberas - 5 Yellow spray chrysanthemums - 3 Lilac spray chrysanthemums - 3 Hipericum Fern Basic: Yellow gerberas - 7 Yellow spray chrysanthemums - 5 Lilac spray chrysanthemums - 5 Hipericum Fern Large: Yellow gerberas - 9 Yellow spray chrysanthemums - 7 Lilac spray chrysanthemums - 7 Hipericum Fern

Standard delivery time is 1 day. We guarantee same-day delivery if the order is placed and paid before 12pm local recipient's time.

Depending on the time of year, the availability of certain sorts of flowers in different regions may be reduced. Additionally, flowers of certain shades may be unavailable on the delivery date. Thus the delivery of an arrangement quite identical to the one shown on the web-site may be impossible. In this case our local florists will deliver a similar or a higher value arrangement. We do our best to keep the original shape, size and color range of requested bouquet, however some deviations are allowed to occur.

Buy a bouquet of yellow gerberas and spray chrysanthemums

Unusual flower bouquets can have the most common composition, but at the same time, stand out with an interesting shade combination. Chrysanthemums and gerberas - seems nothing sensational. But take a look at the flawless combination of friendly yellow and mysterious purple! Surely those were the colors that caught your eye and led you to this page!

The gift is offered in three sizes, different in the number of flowers and greenery, but even the most modest of them retains a friendly look and charm. A bouquet of spray chrysanthemums always has a lot of buds as there are several of them on each branch, so that even in the smallest version, it will look rich and lush.

By adding these or those options, you can adapt the composition for a particular congratulation occasion. For example, a plush teddy bear or a dog would set you in a more romantic mood - it is better to send them to a lady; colorful balloons, of course, are suitable for a birthday; and home flower delivery to relatives or friends would greatly benefit of including a cake or a box of chocolates to the set.

We invite all sunny yellow flower admirers to check out an alternative bouquet of single-headed chrysanthemums and gerberas with calla lilies, regular lilies, and tulips, made strictly in a one-tone, maximally warm gamma. If you enjoyed the color combination of the original item but looking for a cheaper option, this compact bouquet of single-headed and spray chrysanthemums in pleasant wrapping is already waiting for you.

A bouquet of yellow gerberas and spray chrysanthemums with delivery

A bright sunny arrangement of yellow gerberas and chrysanthemums.

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