fruit basket with wine

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Apples Pears Grapes Bananas Oranges Tangerines Kiwi Lemons 1 pineapple 1 bottle of red wine Fruits weight is 11 pounds (5 kg)

Standard delivery time is 1 day. We guarantee same-day delivery if the order is placed and paid before 12pm local recipient's time.

Appearance and brands may vary according to the assortment of a certain region. Our general responsibility is keeping quality and integrity of items delivered.

Buy a fruit basket with a bottle of wine

Everyone loves fruit! Especially when it's a fancy fruit basket given as a gift. This is a multi-colored magnet attracting everyone's eyes and — at the same time — a very healthy and tasty treat either for your special person, for the whole family, or for a small collective.

It contains apples, pears, grapes, bananas, oranges, tangerines, kiwifruit, lemon, pineapple and, of course, red wine. Our company is working in groceries and fruit delivery business for over ten years, so we have reliable suppliers in all major cities that ensure the excellent taste and freshness of any set you may choose.

When choosing a product with alcohol, take into account the corresponding laws of the country in which you place your order. Cyber Florist International gift delivery service would not be able to deliver wine unless it is certain that the recipient is in the legal age.

Choose non-alcoholic items if you wish to avoid such cases. One of them is "Enjoyable" basket of fresh fruit, which delicious contents allow you to send it even to a children's holiday. Speaking of holidays, a very bright and elegant birthday present for a person or a company would be this beautiful fruit basket, whose different colors harmoniously merge into each other like in a rainbow.

Our assortment includes only fresh fruit and flowers. Order them via our website and contact our support service in case of any difficulties, it's online 24/7!

A fruit basket with a bottle of wine and delivery

Remind recipient of sunny summer days and cheer up with this wonderful fruit basket.

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