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We have launched a new service – Wishlist.
Your clients are going to be able to receive gifts and flowers from their admirers without giving out their address or other contact information with the help of this service.

You are going to be paid for each order!

We guarantee that the senders of the flowers and gifts are not going to have access to the lady’s personal data such as full name, address and phone number.

Our service fully protects your customers personal data.

How it works:
Sign a girl up at

Enter her email address and contact information. The lady should confirm the registration and then she will receive a personal link, which she can send to her admirers and friends.

Men order flowers and gifts

Men can send flowers and gifts without knowing her data (address and phone number) using her personal link.

Flowers or gifts get delivered

The lady receives a bouquet or a gift that the customer has ordered using her link without knowing her address or phone number.

We pay a percentage from the order price.

Once the order is paid for and delivered, you will be rewarded with 10% of the order cost.

Sign up now!

There are only three easy steps to start getting paid for deliveries:

  1. Create an agency account with us
  2. Register your clients in our system
  3. Explain to them how it works and wait for money to come

If you have any more questions, contact our customer support specialists - they work 24/7.
Create an agency account now - it is absolutely free and there are no hidden fees for you!

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