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Is vibrant pink roses and green orchids a bold combination? Undoubtedly! And this gorgeous combination makes our new "Venture" bouquet so original and unique.

This bouquet is a real pleasure: strong juicy large roses coexist with fragile graceful orchids in it, spray roses add their splendor there, and waxflower makes the whole thing airy.

The bouquet turned out to be really wonderful. It would be the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary. You could present such a bouquet for a wedding or other celebration. It will leave no one indifferent!

This bouquet's distinctive feature is the aroma. Roses, both spray and single-headed ones, have a pleasant aroma. But in this bouquet, you would also see waxflower: these small pink flowers not only decorate the bouquet but provide it with a noticeable, pleasant aroma. This evergreen shrub originally from Australia belongs to the myrtle family. Its original name is Chamelautium, but it is known worldwide under different names - Darwinia, Geraldton (Heraldon), or Waxflower. It is distinguished by enviable durability; therefore, it is often used as an interior flower.

How do we assemble the "Venture" bouquet?

"Venture" is a small and cute bouquet. Its beauty lies in the naturalness and freshness of its flowers. One-headed fuchsia roses, spray roses of the same color, a branch of white alstroemerias, a green orchid, and many, many small fragrant flowers of waxflower. The bouquet is small in height and is shaped like a ball. Very comfortable to hold in hand.

Notice what a contrast look unusual exotic orchid flowers have! Such a vivid, fresh spot, orchid unlikeness to any other flower, and a very unusual combination of flower kinds in one set  — these are the parts of the main idea behind this bouquet.

Which countries does Cyber Florist deliver flowers to?

Cyber Florist delivers flowers and gifts to all countries of the world. We deliver bouquets not just to large cities but remote settlements too. The only thing we ask you to keep in mind upon ordering a bouquet is that the more complex the bouquet is and the more remote the delivery place from major cities is, the more time it would take for us to complete your order. Please do not delay this until the very last day.

The convenience of Cyber-Florist is that you could place an order many days before the required delivery date, and we would complete everything on time. Our system would remind you that a year ago at this time you sent a bouquet, so you would not forget to congratulate your family and friends!

Do you want to make a surprise and order an unexpected flower delivery?

We would help! Cyber Florist could deliver your bouquet without notifying your recipient and without arranging the delivery time with him. The truth is, in this case, we would rely only on your wishes regarding the delivery time, so there is a risk the recipient would not be at the place, in which case the bouquet might be transferred to their relatives or friends.

We would also take a photo of the delivery moment for you for free: you only need to turn this function on when placing an order.

Where can I get a promo code for an order at Cyber-Florist?

Many people search through the Internet for promo codes before placing an order. We add promo codes to every email we send — singly subscribe to our newsletter to get them. You can also find bouquets at competitive prices in the "Discounts" section. The products in this section are constantly updated.

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