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A heart is one of the most popular and beautiful shapes to arrange the roses into. We already have three different arrangements shaped like hearts in out catalog: a heart made of white roses, a heart made of pink roses, and a heart made of roses and lilies. And since these are among some of our most popular arrangements we decided to add one more heart-shaped arrangement.

In this new arrangement we added more different kinds of flowers and lush greenery, so the composition looks lighter and more relevant.

Actually, a heart of roses is a very romantic gift. There are more orders for hearts of flowers on the 8th of March, and they are perfect as birthday gifts. And of course they are widely-spread as the most important gift for the most important person.

There is no better way to truly express your feelings than a heart made of flowers. This composition is called “Tender Heart” and you can send it to people you love or care about like your dear friend or mother.

Heart-shaped arrangements are more suited for women, for men it would be better to choose other options of bouquets or fruit baskets.

How To Make A Heart Of Roses?

A heart-shaped composition should be bright and unusual. The main focus this time was on the flowers holding the shape.

The flowers were arranged in a red box that gave the whole arrangement its shape. We have also picked the flowers to match the color of the box.

We have cut the oasis so it would fit in our box. We have only used two bricks. Then we have watered the sponge until it stared to soak, wrapped it in floristic film, and fixated it with scotch-tape.

It is important to cut the edges of the film once you placed the sponge in the box. Once we made sure that the film doesn’t show from the box we started working with the flowers.

We have selected bright colors: fuchsia roses, fuchsia alstroemerias, gerberas. We have also added small single-stem roses to lighten the arrangement a little bit. Bear grass has highlighted the shape and the compositional center of the arrangement.

And as usual – the most popular questions about flower and gift delivery:

How to order heart flower arrangement?

You can choose one of the arrangements you like – we have four of them, you can find the links to them in this article. We can deliver them on the same day if you have placed and paid for your order before noon local time in the city of delivery.

Where do you deliver flowers?

We deliver flowers and gifts to any city in the world. You can have flowers delivered to different world capitols and small cities. In Russia and Ukraine we make deliveries even to small towns and villages. However, you would like to place an order for a delivery to a remote village please note that it might take more time to fulfill the order.

How do I get a discount for a bouquet?

You can always browse through “Discounts” category of our catalog, look for something interesting in “Specials” or subscribe to our newsletter – we send promo codes in each letter. Sometimes you can find discounts in the articles in our blog, so we suggest looking through them. In this article you can find a discount for the new heart-shaped arrangement – follow the link in the article and the price for the composition is going to be lowered for a limited amount of time.

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