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We deliver flowers, happiness, and love all over the world.

We continue introducing new arrangements from the catalog of ‘Cyber Florist’ – our International Flower&Gift Delivery Servcie.

“Sunny glade” is a colorful arrangement made of fresh flowers in a basket. This arrangement is like a touch of summer sun in the middle of winter – warm tones, sunflowers, it basically screams summer.

What are the appropriate occasions for this gift?

  • A birthday or an anniversary;
  • International Women’s Day, Easter or any other holiday;
  • General festivities;
  • Corporate gift;
  • No real occasion – you simply want to make someone happy.

However, we have to note that it is not a suitable sympathy arrangement – we would recommend looking for some other bouquet from our catalog.

How do you make a flower arrangement in a basket?

In order to make this arrangement we will need the following:

  • fresh-cut flowers;
  • oasis;
  • basket;
  • transparent floristic film;
  • scotch tape;
  • large containers for water;
  • water.

First you need to prepare the oasis (floristic sponge). Cut the oasis so it would fit the basket while it is still dry. We used two sponges in this composition, one fit along the center of the basket and the other we cut in two with a knife and fixed the halves on the sides of the basket.

Then you need to fill the containers with cool, fresh water, and place the oasis in the water. It is important not to press the oasis, it should absorb the water by itself (otherwise there would be air bubbles that would damage the flowers). If the sponge sank under the water completely and reached the bottom of the container, it means it absorbed all the water it can and is ready for work (it might take some time though).

Once the sponge is ready, place it in the basket on the floristic film and fix it with scotch tape. Cut the edges of the film that stick above the basket. Now everything is ready and we can proceed to work with the flowers! You would normally like to define the compositional center and place the leading flower there and then work with green foliage.

Follow these simple rules and let your imagination and taste do the rest of the work.

Or you can also place an order for our “Sunny Glade” arrangement and send a piece of summer warmth. Let us deliver it to any city of the world!

In case you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With love and care,
Your Cyber-Florist.