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Spray chrysanthemums aren’t anything new for our catalog – these are one of the most popular and common flowers. Even a single stem looks beautiful in a vase, but we give our clients a chance to pick the number of stems in this arrangement themselves.

Chrysanthemum is a noble flower. Spray chrysanthemum is a resilient flower that is going to last for a long time. It is entirely possible for a bouquet of chrysanthemums to stand for a week or even more without wilting.

You can also let us know the preferred color of the flowers in the bouquet and we will do our best to deliver it according to your wishes.

A large bouquet of spray chrysanthemums looks really impressive – it is a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or actually any other celebration. Please place your order in advance to insure that the flowers are as fresh as possible on the day of delivery.

How We Arrange Chrysanthemums Into A Lush Bouquet

One thing that you can surely say about this bouquet is that it’s huge! It is lush and incredibly rich! We used several types and colors of chrysanthemums to make it.

The most prevalent color is pink in all shades – there are spray daisy chrysanthemums with yellow middle, feeling green or lollypop chrysanthemums even though they are darker, closer to purple. That’s why we put them closer to the center. They are smaller than most of the other flowers in the bouquet but are fluffier and look like little spheres, which adds texture to the colorful pattern.

When you look from the distance this type of chrysanthemums serves as a backdrop to other types – more lush, pink types. There are also chrysanthemums that are yellow like the sun, daisy chrysanthemums and very light and fragile white ones. All together they look cheerful and joyous.

Any woman would be glad to receive such a bouquet but you need to remember that it is quite big and heavy. We wrapped the flowers in modern, matte, striped film and tied them with a bow.

What You Need To Know To Order Flowers

We have prepared several advices to help you order flowers and gifts to any city in the world.

What You Need To Know About Urgent Delivery?

If you are looking for an urgent flower delivery that means the florist is going to have to work with the flowers they have when you place your order. That is why it is better to order more popular, widespread flowers: roses, chrysanthemums etc. Such flowers tend to be in stock at all times and are regularly restocked. It means that the bouquet you ordered can be quickly prepared and delivered with fresh flowers. If you choose to order a bouquet with exotic flowers for an urgent delivery some components might be missing on the date of delivery, and we would have to look for substitutions to these flowers.

Why Is It Better To Place An Order In Advance?

When you place your order in advance you can choose even the most exotic arrangement and the florists should be able to find the flowers, prepare them and deliver to the recipient. If you place an order for a remote delivery we are going to have more time to arrange it and fulfill it on time. And finally it is always easier to place an order and pay for it using the most convenient payment method well in advance rather than having to do it in a hurry at the last minutes. We also have a convenient “Reminder” service – you can find it in your account area on our website – enter the birthdays of your friends and relatives, anniversaries or any other memorable dates, choose how much in advance you would like to receive a reminder, and never miss a chance to send gifts to the people important to you.

How You Can Have A Discount For A Flower Delivery?

First, you can look into our “Discounts” section, where you can always find some beautiful arrangement at the best prices. You can also subscribe to our mailing list (you need to sign up with our website in order to do it) – we send emails with special offers and promotional codes closer to various holidays. You can also have a personal discount for the arrangement from this article as well as other bouquets from our catalog for a limited time – follow the link in the article and place your order online!

Send joy and happiness and be happy!