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Bouquets with orchids and hydrangeas like this are often considered exotic even though our new arrangement, “Sonata”, includes such classic flowers as roses and chrysanthemums.

This tender and exquisite arrangement is made of white and purple flowers. Orchids, alstroemerias, and lisianthuses are what makes it so subtle, elegant, and even fragile. Such a bouquet is more suitable as a gift to a woman. For men we would recommend to look for a different bouquet from our catalog. We suggest looking in arrangements with chrysanthemums and fruit arrangements in the first place.

How Can One Choose a Gift?

Sometimes choosing the right arrangement is not only about the recipient but also about the ones who are going to prepare it for them.

We have served thousands of customers during the years of flower deliveries.

Some people like to thoroughly browse our whole catalog (there are lots of bouquets there indeed!), choose between different categories of flowers. They also don’t forget to check the “Specials” section of our catalog to check what’s arrangements are currently there. Then they doubt for some time, or talk to our customer service representatives. And then finally narrow down the arrangements they like and then after some time and inner debate they place their order.

On the other hand, there are also people who don’t believe in the long picking process. They go to our website, choose something from the front page immediately, and without any doubts quickly place and pay for their order. Yes, sometimes when you place your order in a hurry you might forget something important – but don’t worry our customer service will contact you to discuss all the important details of delivery.

There are also clients who only order bouquets made with specific types of flowers, clients who order only the most expensive arrangements, and those who order a delivery of a single flower. Yes, we can deliver even a SINGLE flower, and even such a delivery is going to be beautiful and memorable (you can check the photos of our previous deliveries). Some people only order during specials and arrangements with discounts (and you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with latest discounts and receive exclusive promo codes), others choose something with ongoing discounts.

So, what kind of buyer are you?

How to Make an Arrangement with Orchids and Roses?

“Sonata” is arranged in a spiral as usual. The centerpiece is a striking hydrangea of deep violet color. It is accentuated with blue large orchids and white alstroemerias and single-stem roses in between.

Arrange all the flowers one by one! Don’t forget to add white fluffy chrysanthemums and statice at the edges of the bouquet.

We packed this bouquet in an open purple packaging made with textured craft paper. It adds volume to the whole composition. We’ve also used transparent floristic film that looks really modern and unique when combined with complex texture of the craft paper.

We have also prepared a special discount for the readers of our blog – follow the link in the article and you can order “Sonata” arrangement at a lower price! The discount also applies to some other bouquets in our catalog – look for a special mark. If you want more discounts sign up with our website and our newsletter.

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