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Is there anything that is more deserving to be called “a classic bouquet” than a bouquet of fuchsia roses? “Rose Symphony”, a new bouquet from us, is a modern and elegant take on the classic.

A round bouquet of single-stem and spray roses of royal color works perfectly as a birthday or anniversary present. It will also help you express your deepest feelings for the recipient.

How To Make An Arrangement With Single-Stem And Spray Roses

“Rose symphony” is a lush and fragrant bouquet of roses. It is designed to highlight fragile texture of vibrant fuchsia single-stem roses and spray roses of matching color.

We used eucalyptus leaves to soften the colors and highlight the velvety texture of rose petals even more. The flowers are arranged in a spiral and make up a small round dome. The bow matches the color of the roses.

Red Rose Bouquet Delivered Around The World

“Rose symphony” bouquet attracts attention thanks to a beautiful combination of single-stem and spray roses. It creates an unusual pattern in the arrangement and the texture of the flowers is highlighted by eucalyptus leaves.

This bouquet is sure to impress the recipient and since roses (both single-stem and spray ones) are one of the most popular flowers in the world it’s easy for florists to find fresh flowers on the day of delivery. Which means that the bouquet that you sent is going to stay beautiful for a long time.

We included photos of this bouquet in different light on purpose so you can better understand how it looks in different circumstances and have a better image of what it looks like in real life.

We can deliver “Rose symphony” bouquet to any city in the world. We recommend placing your order beforehand, but we can also deliver it on the same day if you place (and pay for) your order before noon local time in the city of delivery.

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