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It is about 1 week left before the first holiday of spring. We reckon it’s about time you think of the presents.

What can you get for International Women’s Day?

It’s not a birthday and making enormously large presents isn’t really customary. On the other hand sending a small card (especially if it is just an image you you send over WhatsApp) is simply rude.
The no-go list of presents includes: bath towels, kitchen utensils, premade sets you can buy at any convenience store, mugs etc. Even if it’s a very “formal” gift you just have to make to your female boss or you’re simply short on money it’s much better to buy a bouquet of fresh flowers than any of the things mentioned above. A nice bouquet of tulips or roses can cost you the same money anyway.

So, what is the appropriate gift for Women’s Day? The first thing that comes to mind are fresh flowers – there’s nothing that talks spring more than flowers. A gift certificate is a way to make your present useful, so you can always consider that. Tickets to a concert or a play, a fruit arrangement or a basket, or a potted plant, or even an exquisite datebook – those are all equally good ideas for different women in your life.

What should you consider when you choose your gift?

  • Fresh flowers are considered a universal gift for International Women’s Day. A bouquet is a great gift for your lady friend, relative, colleague or a business partner. You can present flowers to a little girl or an elderly woman – that is a fitting and nice gift all around. You can say that a flower arrangement is your best choice.
Spring Garden Flower Glade
Ballad Spring Breeze
  • Gift certificate is a universal gift. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a gift certificate to a lady is a perfume store, but you shouldn’t stop there. Jewelry and accessories’ stores also sell them, and any woman would be happy to receive one. Or if you’re considering something more intimate a lingerie store would be happy to sell you their gift certificate. But don’t give it to your colleague, that would be very inappropriate.
  • Tickets for a concert or a play are less universal, since you have to really know the person. Remember that you should consider the recipient’s taste and her availability for the lack of a better word. It isn’t very thoughtful when you get tickets for the concert on the same time and date when your lady has other plans.
  • Fruit arrangement or basket is as good for one recipient as it is good for a group (e.g. and all-women collective at your workplace, but be sure to order enough fruit for everyone). That really is a great choice but we recommend that you place your order at least a couple of days in advance, so we have time to prepare the best arrangements from the freshest fruit. Don’t wait until literally the 8th of March, you can choose this date even if you place your order right now.
Only for you Garden of Eden basket
Enjoyable Fruit Basket Best wishes
  • Exquisite datebook is a good present for a colleagues or a business partner. It’s practical (unless you want to make that into a tedious tradition of getting a datebook every year). Make sure to choose a well-crafted leather medium-sized datebook (small ones are really specific to certain people since not everyone can fit all their plans onto a small page; large ones aren’t that easy to carry especially for a woman with a small handbag).
  • Potted plants – yes, plants, again. Not cut this time, but alive and still growing. In a pot. There are lots of options here as well – various indoor plants, orchids, succulents to name but a few. How is that different from a flower arrangement? If treated right potted plants will bring joy to the recipient for years and years to come.

The most important thing to consider

That’s the intent to make the best present, of course. Choose with your heart. Plan ahead – this way you have more options to choose from. You can scout the web for promocodes and discounts – there’s nothing wrong with being frugal and getting a great gift at the same time!

Speaking of promocodes – we can offer a 16% discount with our special WD16 code! It is valid through March the 2nd. It applies to all the items from our catalog excluding gift certificates. Order now and save! And we will deliver your gift on time.

With love and care,
Your Cyber Florist.