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We chose the name for a reason: because of the lace texture of carnations, this arrangement really looks like a lush, gentle cloud. And thanks to the delicate pink and white shades combination, the "Pink Puff" bouquet resembles marshmallows or cotton candy and easily immerses you in the most wonderful childhood memories.

Carnations have a special delicate aroma with hints of piquant spring freshness and summer warmth, and their curly petals look quivering and luxuriant. The pastel color palette would instantly create a great mood for the recipient, and the bouquet itself would delight for at least two weeks because carnations are one of the most persistent flowers.

The bouquet is made of 31 large carnations; their round corrugated caps are in perfect harmony with the classic circular assembly of the bouquet.

We used salal leaves for contrast; they create a dense frame and add expressiveness and originality to the "Pink puff" arrangement. In addition to an important decorative function, salal performs another one especially appreciated by florists: it provides flowers with increased vitality.

What does a bouquet of delicate carnations mean?

Divine flowers, as they translate the carnation name from Greek, are quite versatile. This is a wonderful gift for a beloved woman, an employee in the office, or bosses. At the same time, the delicate combination of pink and white makes this airy bouquet an ideal present for the fair sex: from teen girls to brides and young mothers.

White carnations mean trust, sincerity, luck, and success. Pink speaks of loyalty and love, specifically, motherly love. Therefore, a bouquet of white and pink carnations is perfect for successful, optimistic people as it's charming, vivid, and positive.

How to get a discount on a beautiful bouquet?

If you wish to make your loved ones a spectacular and simultaneously advantageous gift, please follow these tips:

  • Promotional offers are regularly updated in the "Discounts" section - you could buy a beautiful bouquet and save money.

  • Each article on our blog contains dedicated links. By clicking on them, you would activate a discount on the bouquet, which the article mentions, as well as on several other options from the catalog. The discount is active 72 hours from your transition moment.

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How to arrange a surprise delivery?

If you want to pleasantly surprise your loved ones or friends with an unexpected gift, we can deliver flowers without warning or prior approval. In this case, you would need to indicate the exact address and the desired delivery time. The main thing is that you are sure that the recipient would be at the destination at that moment! And if their plans change, we could transfer flowers sent for them to friends, relatives or colleagues.

You could also supplement the bouquet with fruits, chocolates, stuffed toys, or a card with your personal wishes: this would make your gift special and unforgettable!