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“My Queen” is an exquisite and noble arrangement made with irises, alstroemerias, orchids, and hydrangeas. Lush and yet elegant bouquet in lilac-violet tones made with vanda orchids is a perfect gift for any occasion. The combination of different textures of flowers is what makes it so interesting and unique while the shades of the flowers make it a suitable gift for both men and women.

The trends in modern floristic design drift more and more from single-flower arrangements towards complex bouquets made with several types of flowers and greens, much like “My queen” arrangement.

We used the following flowers to create this bouquet:

  • Сarnations;
  • Alstroemerias;
  • A hydrangea;
  • Irises;
  • Lisianthuses;
  • Vanda orchids;
  • Eryngium;
  • Limonium;
  • Floristic pistachio;
  • Band to tie them all up.

We only use fresh flowers for our arrangements. And for this specific arrangement we used several flowers that are considered seasonal in some parts of the world. That’s why we strongly recommend to place an order for this arrangement IN ADVANCE, so we can make sure that our florists are going to be able to fulfill it without any substitutions.

In case some of the flowers required to create this arrangement are not available at the date of delivery in the chosen city of delivery our customer service representative will contact you to arrange the substitutions. Our florists are always ready to suggest a substitution that would fit this arrangement.

How to Make an Arrangement with Hydrangea, Irises and Orchids

“My Queen” is a pretty big and spectacular bouquet. The basis is floristic pistachio. The centerpiece is a blue orchid.

Purple alstroemerias are used to create more volume. Irises are arranged in a circle to brighten up the compositions with yellow spots on their leaves. The texture of the bouquet is very complex thanks to all these small elements of the arrangement.

We used eryngium to accentuate the centerpiece by hinting at its color. The arrangement is so aerial that it doesn’t require any extra packing. We simply tied it with a bow.

Extra gifts

You can add extra gifts to any arrangement from our catalog with a single click of a mouse.

What are extra gifts and why do I need them?

A box of chocolates or a small cake is a perfect extra to a bouquet for a birthday.

A plush toy (a teddy bear or a dog) make the delivery even cuter and lovelier.

Air balloons or a big cake are perfect to create the mood for a celebration.

You can add extra gifts to your order along with the arrangement simply by checking the appropriate box. You can select several extra gifts or just one, e.g. a box of chocolates and five balloons for a birthday – that is a perfect combination!

If you have any questions about placing an order – contact us immediately, we’re always here to help.