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"Mother's Love" is a light and airy arrangement of light pink carnations, alstroemerias, and white lisianthuses. The name suits the bouquet perfectly - it's just full of tenderness and love!

Curly crimped carnation petals look like lace and give the bouquet an unusual texture. Refined alstroemerias are like small lilies and orchids with a variegated heart. The unopened lisianthuses remind of rosebuds, and the opened ones resemble poppy flowers. And the combination of them creates a weightless floral cocktail that seems like a sunset cloud or a sweet dessert.

"Mother's love" — a new bouquet by

How do we assemble a bouquet of carnations, lisianthuses, and alstroemerias?

We have made the bouquet using the circular assembly method, and its symmetry is pacifying and soothingly affect the emotions. But the classic form is diluted with intricate eucalyptus leaves, which give the floral arrangement a touch of playfulness and frivolity.

The bouquet's main accent is made on the combination of pastel flower shades and light eucalyptus greenery with translucent matte film wrapping. It creates a feeling of airiness and carelessness, reminding of spring freshness and summer morning coolness. The bouquet looks weightless and literally mesmerizes with its touching color palette.

Fresh carnations, lisianthuses, and alstroemerias

The openwork "Mother's Love" bouquet would be an ideal gift for an anniversary, birthday, or Women's Day, and of course, you may present it with no reason at all. In addition, this arrangement is appropriate not only as a gift to a mother but is very versatile in its meaning.

Pink alstroemerias mean friendly care and a desire to support; snow-white lisianthuses symbolize tenderness, openness, and admiration. Finally, pink carnations are a sign of immortal maternal love, and in the language of flowers, they say: "I will never forget you."

How to arrange delivery of a bouquet?

Cyber-Florist delivers flowers and gifts all over the world. We will bring your order anywhere: to an office, a restaurant, or the recipient's home; — everything will be executed exactly according to your wishes!

If you want us to deliver flowers to a small remote town, it's better to place an order in advance, so our couriers would have enough time to get to the addressee. We can deliver a bouquet, even if you don't know the exact address: to perform that, we need to know the destination city and the recipient's phone number. delivers bouquets all over the world

How can I get a photo of the delivered flowers?

If you wish, our courier will take a photo of the recipient holding the bouquet — this service is completely free; you only need to select it upon order placement. But keep in mind: to do the thing, the courier needs to obtain the recipient's permission as not everybody enjoys being pictured, moreover in some countries, this is clearly not accepted.

Can I add other flowers to the "Mother's Love" bouquet?

If you want to slightly modify the bouquet by adding some flowers or changing their color, you should pick the "custom order" option. Please write what you would like to acquire in the wishes field, and our managers would contact you to discuss the bouquet, choose the right flowers and calculate the order price total.

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If you still got questions regarding bouquet ordering and what you could add to flowers, don't hesitate to contact our support service anytime via online chat or phone number 888 558 0535 as it works for you day and night.

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