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Traditionally, gerberas are considered versatile flowers: you could gift a bouquet of gerberas either to a girl or your boss. They symbolize joy and optimism. An arrangement of them is perfect as an everyday gift sent for no particular reason.

But our new "Woman in Red" bouquet is something special. Vivid and amazing, it would definitely leave no one indifferent. This bouquet is an occasion of its own!

And those very gerberas, a bouquet of which usually looks so simple and homely (sometimes it is necessary though!), add a touch of originality to the "Woman in Red" arrangement! Such interesting metamorphoses happen with flowers when they get to the hands of experienced florists.

How to assemble an original bouquet of gerberas?

The bouquet is indeed simple in composition and brilliant because of this! Gerberas of the same bright fuchsia color and eucalyptus are assembled in a spiral way. Thanks to the original gerbera shade and their laconic combination with eucalyptus, this bouquet looks modern and very impressive. Wrapping and ribbon of the gerbera-matching color harmoniously complete the composition.

Who can you gift a bouquet of gerberas to?

There are many bouquets with gerberas in our catalog, and each of them would match a different occasion. First, there is a wonderful bouquet that's great as a gift for mom. Then comes a bouquet of mixed color gerberas where you choose the flower count yourself, which is appropriate as a holiday or birthday gift, as well as all other bouquets that combine gerberas with other flowers.

Though, the "Woman in Red" bouquet is special. Such one isn't suitable for a trivial occasion. Seventeen beautiful and vivid gerberas look very impressive; therefore, this arrangement would perfectly convey your feelings. It would be a worthy gift for an anniversary or another special day. Order it in advance to ensure that we can complete your delivery on time.

How to add a message to a bouquet?

Attaching a message to a bouquet is a very nice and convenient tradition. It's a small note where you can convey a couple of words or wishes to the recipient or solely indicate from whom this bouquet comes.
But you don't have to limit yourself to just a few words: feel free to enter a message in verse, wordy congratulations, or apologies. Or, for a tiny surcharge, even print the message text on a beautiful card.
And if you cannot think of a text for the message, check out the ready-made options that we've prepared for you. The message options are nicely categorized.

Want to get a discount on a bouquet?

To get a discount on a bouquet, follow any link in this article. Your discount would apply to this item and some other ones too! An important thing: the special price stays valid for three days, counting from your first transition moment. Thus you would have an opportunity to place multiple orders at a discount if you wish. The timer at the page top would show you how much time is left to utilize this offer. If the timer isn't displayed, your discount has expired. But don't get discouraged — read other articles on our blog, and, most likely, you could find other discounts in them still valid for you yet. By the way, discounts in various articles apply to different bouquets!

So go ahead: choose a bouquet, add a message, give flowers, and your emotions! If you need help, remember that our support staff is working for you every day round-the-clock.