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The charming "Hummingbird" bouquet of spray roses is truly not as small as one might imagine when hearing its name. Choosing this name, we thought not about the size but beauty and grace of that little bird: it leaves no one indifferent — everyone likes hummingbirds. Just like our bouquet!

A graceful lush bouquet of spray roses of different shades is a great choice indeed. It's a great gift for a holiday, birthday, or just for no particular reason — to cheer up and please.

Everything in this bouquet is miniature as a delicate work of a jeweler: rosebuds of a delicate pink shade and fuchsia color, small leaves of pistachio — everything except your feelings and the joy of the one who will receive this bouquet.

It's worth specially mentioning a rather important point: spray roses are well preserved when cut. If the bouquet is assembled of fresh flowers, it will delight the recipient for a long time with only a bit of care required: changing the water regularly and cutting the stems (if possible, add a special feeding for cut flowers to the vase).

How do we assemble the "Hummingbird" bouquet of spray roses?

We assembled the bouquet according to the spiral assembly method and created the main volume by surprisingly lush branches of pistachio, well combined with spray roses of different colors. In fact,  three colors are used in the bouquet: green, fuchsia, and pale pink, but due to the fine pistachio and rosebud texture, the arrangement looks interesting. To keep your attention focus on the flowers, we excluded all the wrapping elements except for a fuchsia-shaded satin ribbon at the main assembly point. It all turned out magnificently and elegantly.

When could I place an order for flower delivery?

You can place an order for flowers and gifts delivery at any time — we work round-the-clock. Your order will be immediately accepted and processed. Please note that the order starts to be fulfilled ONLY after 100% payment.

The standard lead time is one day. We guarantee same-day delivery only if the client places the order and pays for it before 12 PM local time in the recipient's city.

Could the bouquet be modified?

A bouquet is a very personal gift. Everyone wants it to be perfect. But the florist's opinion does not always coincide with the customer's. For example, you've chosen a bouquet, you enjoy it but would like to replace or completely remove the wrapping. Maybe your recipient doesn't like orchids or lilies, and one of those is present in the bouquet. What to do in such a case? Refuse the bouquet? Looking for the perfect one by browsing dozens of sites? Of course not!

You can make an order at Cyber Florist and arrange the changes with our operator. Please keep in mind that changes could affect the cost of the bouquet (it may become more expensive or cheaper, or if you replaced one flower type with another, which turned out to be identical in cost, then the bouquet price total won't change).
If none of the bouquets meets your expectations — place a custom order and describe all your wishes there, and we will do everything necessary to fulfill those.

Cyber-Florist always makes every effort to ensure that you get real pleasure from your order because giving gifts is no less pleasant than receiving them. Especially with Cyber-Florist!

How to get a discount on a bouquet?

As always, a small gift from us for those who have read our article to the end: you can order the "Hummingbird" bouquet at a discount by clicking on the link in this text. The discount would apply not only to this item but also to some other bouquets from our catalog. The discount link active period is limited, but you would have more than enough time to get that advantage and place, not even one but several orders!