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What can be a good holiday present for you relatives? Definitely it should be something more sufficient than a small basket of sweets. You will want to look for something bigger to be good enough for a family of 2 and more members.

We have several baskets suitable for this case. Their contents vary, but each of them will make a perfect family gift. No one knows your family better than you. So you can choose the basket your relatives will enjoy most.

Today let us introduce you a ‘Sweet carousel’ basket – a perfect gift for a family dinner.
‘Sweet carousel’ basket
A holiday family dinner is a fine tradition common for many cultures. So you can make a splendid gift by ordering some delicacies for holiday dinner.

Just find out when this event takes place and we will deliver your gift wherever you need on the date requested. ‘Sweet Carousel’ basket is just what you need for such an occasion. It contains jam and fresh lemon for Russian tea, peach and pineapple slices in syrup, various types of cookies and chocolates.

Nicely arranged in a wicker basket with some fresh flowers, it will look great on a dinner table!
gift basket
If you wish to make your gift even more special, you may add a bunch of flowers, balloons or a stuffed animal to it. You may add these extra gifts with one click by checking the appropriate boxes on the order page.
If you have any difficulties or questions while making your order online you are always welcome to contact our 24x7 Customer Support!

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