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Our new "Glamor" bouquet is the embodiment of tenderness, grace, and sophistication. It's not only able to turn any woman's head but also possesses magic — it drives evil spirits away!

Roses, chrysanthemums, and orchids enrich the arrangement with three different shades of pink. Vivid Matthiola, also known as night violet, adds a contrasting purple accent and divine scent, while sharp bluish eryngium petals give austerity and piquancy to the bouquet.

We used eucalyptus and ruscus leaves to embellish the flowers and decorated the bouquet with pink and gray paper having a slight shimmer; it harmoniously complements the arrangement's main pattern, not distracting any attention.

What does the "Glamor" bouquet say in the language of flowers?

Roses and chrysanthemums are classic flowers for loved ones. But if roses most often symbolize passionate love between a man and a woman, then chrysanthemums are given as a sign of love and affection to friends, relatives, or colleagues.

  • Fragile, mysterious Matthiola is famous for its enchanting aroma and the ability to evoke sympathy and sincere gratitude in the recipient.
  • The spicy eryngium makes the arrangement less frivolous, more restrained: it is a classic male flower, which, according to the Druid legends, can protect the recipient from bad intentions.
  • Pink flowers in the bouquet speak of romance, youth, charm. For the "Glamor" bouquet, we use cool shades of pink, making it more elegant and sophisticated.

Is it possible to replace flowers in a bouquet?

Have you enjoyed a certain bouquet, but it lacks a flower you want to send to the recipient definitely? We would meet you halfway and change the composition of the flower arrangement so that it fully meets your wishes. We could also modify the bouquet's color palette, use flowers of a different shade or change their color radically.

And for those clients who like to assemble a bouquet on their own, we have the "custom order" option. There you can specify all the preferences regarding the kind, type, and shade of flowers. After accepting the inquiry, our managers would call or write to you to discuss the details and cost of the order.

If you wish, you could add sweet gifts to the bouquet — chocolates or cake, soft toys, balls, or a message in the form of a small note or greeting card. By clicking on any link in this article, you could order this bouquet with a personal discount!

Where can the bouquet be delivered?

We would bring flowers to the recipient in any city in the world, wherever he is. You do not need to order home delivery as it could be:

• A restaurant where the birthday party is celebrated;
• A registry office, in case you want to congratulate the newlyweds;
• A working office;
• A shop;
• A school;
• We would deliver the gift even to a hospital if taking flowers to the patient's ward is allowed.

We would deliver your gift even if you don't know exactly where the addressee lives! You only need to tell our managers the city and the recipient's phone number, and they would calculate the delivery cost and, after receiving the payment for the order, start looking for that address.

And if the recipient does not mind, we would take a photo of the flowers delivered; this is a free feature — you solely need to select it when ordering.

Cyber Florist service works for you around the clock, with neither holidays nor weekends. Order a bouquet right now, and we would make every effort to ensure that your order brings you the most pleasant emotions!