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Flowers or fruit: what to order for delivery?

Planning to wish your friend a Happy Birthday? Thinking of ordering some flowers for Women's Day or Mother's Day? Wishing to cheer a person you care with a nice surprise gift? Or maybe to send something to support a sick friend in a hospital? Every occasion requires its own special approach to select the most appropriate flowers and gifts correctly. Our article with help you making the right choice.

The first and most important question you should ask yourself should be "What feelings or what message do I mean to express with this beautiful gesture?"

Send flowers to show your love and care

Let us start with probably the most appealing cause to order a bouquet - the romantic one. Red Roses are widely considered as the classic pick for such a case, followed up by White and Pink ones. Or we have some more original ideas for you to consider.

Red Roses - all-time classic choice!

The roses will ideally complement a traditional style date: no matter if you are meeting in a fancy restaurant or just dining at home by candlelight - a 51-rose bouquet or a trendy arrangement in a round hat box would always be a perfect addition. Such a present is like a straightforward and open declaration of your love feelings.

Your crush does not enjoy classics? Perhaps you are thinking of something unusual yourself? If so then we recommend to meet Alstroemerias and Lisianthuses. Those are tender but - at the same time - very colorful flowers which usually don't even come to mind  when thinking of flower kind selection. By sending those you would not only show your heart attachment but demonstrate extra care and your effort to please the recipient.

Lisianthuses look kinda like roses but they show your special approach

NB: Your date plan includes a promenade? Selecting a relatively small bouquet (up to 9-15 flowers) would be a smart move then. A large and heavy flower arrangement on a walk may cause not only warm feelings but real inconvenience.

Flowers for International Womens Day and Mother's Day

Ladies often receive plenty of flowers for their traditional Holidays. How to make them remember your gift in particular? We have a working method: combine two flowers of contrast color! For example, red & white "My message" bouquet would be a perfect gift for mom, blue iris and red tulip "Violetta" composition would nicely suit your female best friend and your beloved one would be almost certainly stunned by the unique look of this red rose and yellow calla lilies combination.

Contrast bouquets make stunning impressions and stay in memory for long!

Like in romantic case above there is always a classic option available - Tulips: yellow, white, red or even a mixture of different shades. Ordering a small but elegant tulip bouquet will save your budget - it is a great and economical way to give flowers to a big number of women at work or female relatives on a flower-related holiday. But in the opposite case the tulips will help you out just as well. If you are looking for a single but solid gift try the large vased or basket tulip arrangement.

Gifts and bouquets for friends and colleagues

You don't want to express deep love feelings and just look for an appropriate way to send your best wishes to an old friend or just say Hi to him or her? Roses and orchids might be a poor choice! For such an occasion we would recomment Gerbera Daisy flowers and Chrysanthemums in warm or pastel colors. Or even gerbera daisies and mums combined - why not?

Gerbera daisies and mums help saying 'Hi' to colleagues and friends with no love context added.

Your family member is in hospital? A Fruit Basket will support him much better than any flowers! Unlike a bouquet, the basket will not only add bright colors and nice fresh scents to the hospital ward, but also provide real health benefits in form of vitamins when needed the most. Finally, if you are willing to spend more you may choose to deliver fresh fruit in the most spectacular form of an edible arrangement.

Fruit basket or custom-designed arrangement is the best way to wish health!

NB: before ordering fruit to a person in a medical facility please check possible diet restrictions with the patient or his doctor. Sure, a surprise usually pleases more than an already expected gift but due to health reasons such a surprise may end up in a very bad way.

How to order delivery of a truly unique gift?

In conclusion, we would like to ensure you: 'Cyber-Florist' is always ready to help with gift & flower delivery for any occasion in countries all over the world. We are continiously working on making our wide catalog even wider but it should never limit your own ideas. Cannot find the things you would like to send there? No problem, just click on the 'Custom order' banner on our website's main page, send us your inquiry using this form and we will surely reply with our thoughts on how to make this real and as close to your original wish as possible.