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Most of us do not live in small fairytale towns. What’s more, we rarely pay attention to the streets around us and enjoy the scenery.

A trashcan is another regular part of that scenery for any city.

In New York they’ve been putting fabulous flower arrangements in them for three years in a row now.

It’s so unexpected that you can’t help but take some time out of your busy day to examine a beautiful sight for a while.

Alas, only the early birds can hope to see the flowers fresh. First of all, flowers tend to quickly wilt under direct sunlight. Secondly, some people can’t resist the urge to take a rose or two out of the bouquets. So by evening most of the trashcans look normally, only to bloom the next morning!

Citizens of New York can thank the owner of a network of wedding florist shops. He loves his job and flowers. He noticed that lots of fresh flowers are often left after wedding ceremonies, and the more orders he had the more flowers had to be thrown away. And so he decided to make a beautiful surprise to his fellow citizens! “I had an idea to use a trashcan as a vase for a while, and now I finally made it happen” – says the florist.

This idea seems to be very popular with new-yorkers. Every morning the bouquets appear at different locations. When the first early birds start their way to work they notice these bright arrangements and take some time to take a photo or simply enjoy the arrangement.

Flowers bring joy and colors into our lives – that was the idea behind this project, and we think that the project was a success!

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Smile and send happiness.

We wish you a wonderful mood and a pleasant day.

Love and care,
Your Cyber-Florist.