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We present a new gift from our catalog – boxes with live flowers and colorful macarons.

It's a perfect gift for many occasions: birthdays, anniversary, a get-well arrangement, a sign of attention or gratitude. The box is an acceptable gift for men and women alike, and it works great as a corporate gift as well.

How Do You Make A Gift-box With Flowers And Macarons?

There are several ways you can do it, and we will tell you all about them.

Option 1 – Sweet Box

In order to make this arrangement we will need the following: a small rectangular box, oasis, toothpicks, floristic film, and, of course, flowers.

Measure oasis so it fits the box. Please note that for this arrangement we will need three levels of oasis. That is done so that the arrangement appears multi-layered and can be seen clearly from any side. We can make it using toothpicks to hold different layers of oasis together. Once we prepared the oasis we can assemble the arrangement. Put each new level on top of the old one and don’t forget to use the toothpicks and floristic film.

Once the box has been completed start working with the flower arrangement. First of all, define the center of the composition and then work with chiaroscuro – don’t forget that the “colder” green foliage is used to accentuate the centerpiece, the flowers should be arranged from top to bottom with more vibrant colors on top.

Option 2 – Box with macarons

In order to make this arrangement we will need the following: a rectangular box, macarons, oasis, flowers, decorative filler, floristic film, scotch tape.

Measure the oasis so it fits the box and cut it accordingly. After the oasis is completely soaked in water wrap it in film and scotch tape. You might want to cut the film so that it doesn’t show from the box. Once the oasis is fixated inside the box start filling it with decorative filler.

Once there’s enough filler we can proceed to work with flowers and greenery. It’s important to cut the flowers so that there’s enough stem left for the flower to be firmly fixed in the oasis. But don’t cut the flowers too long – they might puncture the film, letting all the water out in the box.

It is important to find the right flowers for the arrangement depending on the color of the box you use. In the arrangement we use as an example here the center of the composition is the darkest spot – carnations. The rest of the flowers are used to add accents of light and shadow to it. Macarons (that are placed on a decorative filler) accentuate the darker tones of this composition by adding soft pink shades to it.

You can order a colorful flower composition with macarons right now!

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