Flower Garden – Summer In A Bouquet

Our new bouquet \"Flower Garden\" is a bright summer flowers with worldwide delivery. Flowers for romantics!

Flower Garden – Summer In A Bouquet

Bright summer day, the smell of a blossoming garden, crickets chirping in tall grass, warm sun, vacation or simply holidays, and the sense of pure bliss – that is what “Flower garden” is for us.

Even if the weather outside is nothing like summer this arrangement is like a piece of the real thing – full of sun and joy. Although it might not be the best gift for someone who likes exotic flowers or intricate arrangements. It is a perfect gift for a romantic person, who values natural beauty.

This is exactly how it has been designed – light, weightless arrangement that looks as if it has just been picked in the nearest meadow. We only use fresh flowers in this carefully designed arrangement, so it’s going to last for a long time and bring a lot of joy.

The flowers responsible for aroma in this bouquet are freesias. They are often used in perfume, so their smell might seem a little bit familiar.

Order This Arrangement As A Gift

When is it appropriate to order “Flower garden” arrangement?

This bouquet isn’t likely to be a very good gift for an anniversary or any big celebration of that sort (unless you are perfectly sure that the recipient likes arrangements like this). It is more of a small romantic gift, something you send “just because”, simply to make someone smile – like a birthday gift, for example. This arrangement is suitable as a gift for men and women, and, if you add a plush teddy bear or balloons, that would make it a perfect gift for a child.

How To Make “Flower Garden” Arrangement

For this arrangement we used half a pack of chamomiles and arranged it in a spiral, so it would look as lush as possible. We put irises in the center and added one more flower each turn of the spiral.

For the front side of the bouquet we used several branches of spray chrysanthemums that look like dandelions and added some yellow freesias in between.

The arrangement is wrapped in a sheet of decorative foam and then – a big envelope of craft paper. An unusual, minty-colored material makes an interesting combination with “dandelions” and chamomiles of the arrangement.

We can deliver “Flower garden” arrangement as well as other bouquets, fruit baskets, sets, and gifts all over the world!

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Our customers’ opinion is very important for us. So if for some reason you or your recipient have a complaint for our delivery, send us a photo of an arrangement delivered within 48 hours of the time of delivery. Our customer service team will look into the matter and either send you a full refund or re-deliver the arrangement as soon as possible.

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