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The latest addition to our catalog is a bright, elegant and very delicate basket with roses, calla lilies, chrysanthemums and gerberas – “Music of Colors”.

We think that it is the most fitting title for a composition that literally screams of color, mesmerizes with bright yet soft shades.

“Music of Colors” is the perfect gift for an anniversary or a birthday. It’s going to be the most fitting business-present. And of course it is a welcome surprise even if there isn’t a specific cause for a celebration.

We can deliver this basket to any city in the world. If you place and pay for your order before 12 o’clock in the morning local time in the city of delivery we can even deliver it on the same day. However if it is already past noon and you need to have the flowers delivered today, please check with our customer support team – there is a chance depending on the city that we can arrange an urgent delivery.

How to Make Fresh flower basket arrangement?

For this composition with calla lilies in a round-shaped basket we would require:

  • Basket;
  • Floristic sponge;
  • Transparent floristic film;
  • Wire to hold the flowers;
  • Rope or scotch-tape:
  • Freshly-cut flowers.

When the sponge is completely soaked in water we wrap it in the film so that the edges of the film look up. Then we glue it together with scotch tape and place it in the basket. Don’t forget to decorate the basket with paper first so the sharp edges of the twigs don’t pierce the film.

Then we start shaping the volume of the composition with greenery: pistachio and eucalyptus. We define where the compositional center is going to be and place three beautiful calla lilies there. We have wrapped the stem of the lilies in wire so it would be easier to put it into the sponge. When the compositional center is defined we arrange all the other flowers around it: fuchsia roses, spray chrysanthemums, darker alstroemerias. We have also added some waxflowers and unforgettable blue statice to mix up the colors a little bit and accentuate the main color scheme.

Flower Basket Delivery

We have prepared the answers to the most frequently asked questions about flower basket delivery.

How do I order a flower basket?

We have a special category on our website just for flower baskets for your convenience. You can find all the flower baskets we have in our catalog there. However if you can’t find something specific that you are looking for – don’t hesitate to send us a custom order request describing what kind of a basket you would like to order.

What can I order for my mother’s birthday?

Our new basket, “Music of Colors”, is a perfect gift for a mother’s birthday. It’s definitely going to be the most beautiful thing at the celebration. And the way it is made allows the composition to stay fresh for a long time, your mother should only need to water it every now and then. And when the live flowers are going to eventually wilt, your mother is going to have a nice little basket. It’s not only a beautiful gift but a practical one too!

Where can I order flowers with delivery?

You can try to find a flower shop in the city of delivery and try to order flowers from them yourself. However you have to remember several simple rules in this case: it might be not easy to communicate with a local flower shop in a foreign language if the recipient lives in a different country; you have to remember about the time difference – it is possible that a flower shop is going to be open only during business day in its local time zone, while our company works 24/7; not all local flower shops have websites where you can see the arrangements they deliver; you will have to make your choice based only on the local reviews of different flower shops or even your intuition, while Cyber Florist offers the photos of actual deliveries and reviews from customers all over the world.

Can I order flower delivery if I don’t know recipient address?

Yes, we can fulfill your order. All we need to know is the city of delivery and the recipient’s local phone number.

Can I order flowers anonymously?

Yes, we do not disclose the name of the sender unless it is specified in the card message with the order.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team or browse other articles in our blog!

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