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"Fancy ball" is a bouquet of surprising combinations. It's vivid yet sophisticated and refined. Lilies give it nobility, pastel-colored roses add aroma and elegance, and alstroemerias make it lush and spectacular.

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The "Evening Ball" bouquet is the perfect romantic gift. To order it as a birthday or anniversary present is a great idea, easily realized with Cyber-Florist.

This bouquet possesses inexplicable magic - it's not as enormous and chic as a 101 roses bouquet, but simultaneously, it invariably attracts eyes and is truly appreciated by the recipients. Perhaps the combination of shades and textures turned out to be so attractive, maybe there is some other secret, but your addressee would certainly like this bouquet!

How to assemble a bouquet of lilies and roses?

Delicate and openwork like lace, this is a bouquet of two types of roses, alstroemerias, lilies, and greenery. It's all about the selected colors and the combination of textures.

A beautiful bouquet will be made of these flowers soon!

The magnificent tea roses go as the main accent here, rich and lush, without which it would be impossible to create such a complete image. They are in perfect harmony with delicate lilac roses and bright alstroemeria. The color of these roses is also noticeable in the heart of the lily.

A very vivid and varied bouquet of fresh flowers

We placed a lilac rose in the core, other roses and alstroemeria locate alternately from it, and between them, you can see some ruscus with lilies. The bear grass so casually released from the center revives the bouquet. The finishing touch —  matching wrapping: matte film plus a light-milky ribbon that does not distract attention.

We decorate the bouquet with a ribbon and beautiful wrapping

What do the lilies in the bouquet mean?

Many people wonder what the lilies in the bouquet mean. Is it right to give them to a woman or young girl? In multiple cultures and countries, lilies have various senses, and often separate meanings are given even to flowers of two different shades. However, all these definitions agree on one thing: this kind symbolizes purity and nobility. An important point is the lily count: just as in our "Fancy ball" bouquet, a total of five stems is the quantity most appropriate for a complex arrangement.

What should you do to make the flowers last longer?

Nowadays, many different ready-made products could help to keep your bouquet fresh longer. You could buy them in advance in most flower shops as typically they have a very long shelf life. Carefully check the flower kinds the product is made for and follow its instructions upon usage.

Cyber-Florist will deliver this bouquet anywhere in the world for you

What to do if such a specific substance is not at hand? Your bouquet can still keep going for a long time, following these simple rules:

  • Before placing your bouquet in the water, trim off the ends of the stems (make a diagonal cut if possible).
  • Use only cold water, as the hot one contains additional impurities, and high water temperature is harmful to cut flowers.
  • Make sure you don't expose the bouquet to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid dehydration of your bouquet — some flowers absorb water rapidly, so check the vase every day and change the water daily, if possible.
  • Prune the flower stems every two days — you could cut tiny sections only to refresh the cut. You might add a small amount of sugar to the water for a bouquet of roses and lilies.
  • Do not allow fallen petals or leaves to fall into the container, as they cause decay and spoil the water.

Let our bouquets delight you and your recipients for as long as possible!