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If you want to present fresh and exquisite flowers, choose our "Enchanting lady" bouquet of lilies and chrysanthemums with alstroemerias.

Noble lilies and fuzzy white spray chrysanthemums combined with juicy green ones create a feeling of freshness. Lilies and chrysanthemums are noble flowers that have been heraldic symbols for centuries. Besides that, in the language of flowers, they express wishes for longevity and well-being.

Therefore, this bouquet would be an ideal gift for a woman, business partner, or parents. You can give such a gift for a birthday or anniversary.

The tradition of giving flowers — what are its origins?

People have used flowers to create a festive atmosphere since ancient times. You can see flowers in ancient frescoes and find confirmation of flower usage in Roman documents. Already in ancient Rome, special people appeared who grew flowers and supplied them to palaces for decoration. At the same time, widespread was the tradition to shower guests with fresh flower petals.

Although, flowers were still just decoration. The cult of flowers originated in Europe in the XVII century. People began to endow flowers with symbols and senses and give distinct meanings to their combinations.

In the modern world, the "language of flowers" no longer gets so much attention and importance, and nobody follows strict rules (as almost nobody already remembers them). That has a charm of its own — down with conventions! Just choose the bouquet you like.

How to choose a bouquet?

Can't choose? - think about which bouquet would look nice in the hands of your recipient. What kind of bouquet do you associate with the person whom you want to gift it? Do you wish to present something unusual? - use exotic flowers then. Are you a classics adherent? - so roses are your choice! But a variety awaits you here as well: you could give a bouquet of scarlet roses or a bouquet of white roses, choose pink roses or bright yellow roses, or ask the florist for an unusual lilac shade. By the way, our catalog also contains black and blue roses. Finally, you may even collect a bouquet of roses of various colors: it would look very original!

How to make a bouquet of lilies and chrysanthemums?

Here we will tell you how we assemble this beautiful "Enchanting lady" bouquet. It's an entirely extravagant and unusual set. We start with putting a Feeling green spray chrysanthemum in the center: there's no way going without it! That chrysanthemum sets the freshness and contrast and dilutes the bouquet. Other flowers are added in spiral order, head-to-head: a white lily, a vivid alstroemeria, and a lush white spray chrysanthemum. Alstroemeria stands out against the white chrysanthemum background; it's located on the bouquet's edge and acts as an accent that's very useful here. Eucalyptus, ruscus, and lilies have uncommonly beautiful foliage, which gives the arrangement slight negligence while vividly protruding, suiting it very well! They balance the bouquet, create their kind of rhythm and liveliness. Wrapping is an integral part of the composition. That's what defines such a non-typical and cheerful floristic style. A black stripe creates a rhythm, while green leaves and bright alstroemerias keep it. In the end, we add a colorful ribbon matching the shade accent.

How to order flowers at a discount?

Proceed to our catalog using any link in this article, and you would be able to order the "Enchanting lady" bouquet, as well as some other ones at a discount. That discount would be valid for three days from your first visit to our website: the timer on lowered price item page would remind, how much time you have left to order. During this period, you would be able to buy all the bouquets covered by the promotion for less (we mark those with a special badge in the catalog). If the list does not include the gift you would like to order at a discount, check out other articles on our blog!

Order a bouquet and pay for it before noon recipient's city local time, and we would deliver it on the same day. Although we are ready to act urgently, we highly recommend placing your orders in advance. In this case, florists would be able to prepare the best fresh flowers for your bouquet; there would be enough time to arrange all the order details.

We have been bringing gifts for over twenty years, and flower delivery to any city in the world is a job we do every day with pleasure.

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