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Edith is another new addition to our catalog, it’s an arrangement made with chrysanthemums, roses and sunflowers.

The distinctive feature of this arrangement is a special frame that imitates a small basket for the flowers. The arrangement itself is presented in bright, sunny and summer tones. It’s a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or any other celebration.

“Edith” arrangement is made with flowers that normally stand for a long time. That means the arrangement is going to bring joy to the recipient for many days and not just one. Our florists use only high quality flowers that make this possible!

How can you make an arrangement on a frame by yourself?

The flowers are arranged on a basket-like frame that is made with braided roper and hot glue.

From the side the arrangement looks as if the flowers are hanging down from the basket, but you can actually put them in a vase.

The flowers are put together in a spiral arrangement. After making the core of main (leading) colors, you need to make a backdrop with fern that also helps to hold the frame together and hides the places where the frame attaches to the flowers. It looks neat and unusual, the basket seems to float in the air.

Ordering an arrangement with chrysanthemums, roses, and sunflowers

Placing your order for “Edith” is easy. We can deliver it to any city in the world. You need to simply enter the desired date of delivery, you can choose it from the calendar. Please remember that we can only guarantee same day delivery if you place your order before noon local time in the city of delivery.

It is also important to remember that this arrangement has uncommon flowers – sunflowers. It means that if you want it to be delivered on a specific date, we would recommend placing your order in advance! There are no limits as to how much in advance you can place your order. You can place your order for delivery next month or even later. We would suggest that it is actually the best way not to forget an important date, get a very specific arrangement or a gift, and pay for it the way you prefer.

“Edith” arrangement is a premium arrangement. It means it is not cheap, but it has its upsides. You can add a free gift with your order. You can do it in the cart during checkout (after you select the date, the city of delivery and press “Add to cart”).

PLEASE NOTE: all the prices on this screenshot are shown as an example. The actual price of the arrangement depends on the city of delivery and may vary from the prices shown here.

If you have any questions when you place your order, our Customer Support team is always here to answer them. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us at: +1 888 558 0535 or +1 703 651 2257.

You can also contact us via online chat on our website, Skype and even ICQ.

We wish you pleasant shopping and great mood.

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