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Every company has a motto, mission, corporate principles, and a driving force behind it. At Cyber-Florist it’s all about bringing joy and happiness to people at all times.
We normally deliver flowers and gifts ordered by our clients, but sometimes we simply can’t help but make someone happy for no reason at all. It’s important to care for the people who need it, and we take authentic joy when we can do just that.
Let’s meet some of the people who have given us happiness by letting us show them how much we car:

Klavdia Nikolaevna

Klavdia Nikolaevna is the widow of Stepan Dmitrievich, First Sergeant and veteran of the Red Army. She is a Veteran of Labor and home front worker. In the time of war, she was merely a little girl, who worked in a kolkhoz. She doesn’t like remembering her experience of the time that very much, however, she shared a story with us:

“…it was a time of famine. Everything we grew in the kolkhoz was sent to the front. All the men were taken from our village, only our headman was left behind. Women and boys not old enough to go to war (regardless of how much they wanted to) were working in the fields. This one time we were gathering the harvest, young boys of my age drove those old tractors, and I was merely a little girl at the time. So, these boys were nearly fainting from not eating enough. Our kolkhoz’ horse has died recently, so her meat was still fresh.
I was tasked with making soup for the boys. I cut up horse meat, picked up a few ears of wheat in the field to add some substance to the soup. And so there we are cooking this soup with our headman, and then we see a Commissar with his aid riding across the field. Remember, back then you could be killed on the spot for picking crops for yourself. The headman gave me the pot and told me to run for the nearby forest, while he remained at the fire.
And so, I ran. I ran really fast right into the forest and only stopped when I reached the brook. I was so scared that I threw all the soup in the stream.

I still remember to this day the sight of pieces of meat floating down the stream together with those damn grains… I could have hidden the pot away, why did I have to pour it out?
I see this moment in my dreams even to this day”.

After her husband died Klavdia Nikolaevna’s health took a turn for the worse, and she has recently suffered from a serious disease. We came to visit her and brought a gift – a basket from Cyber-Florist. We wanted her to see that we know just how much she, and others like her, deserve and need our care, help, and attention every day.

Leonid Trofimovich

Colonel Leonid Trofimovich turned 89 this year. He was busy on the day of his birthday celebration, so we visited him the next day and gave him a basket from Cyber-Florist! Leonid Trofimovich is a man of many accomplishments and merits, and one of his cadets gives the best description of him as a person:

Our company commander was the best line officer in the division. He always had the best looks during the reviews - tall and broad-shouldered. People used to say he was a master of sports in swimming. So, in November it started to really freeze with temperatures around -20 degrees with strong wind. He used to let us pull down the ear-flaps of our hats when it got really cold, but I have never seen him like this himself. He didn’t even wear valenki. He has always been there. Military service was his life. I remember his last name with highest regard even to this day. I actually heard it around three years ago in the TV, he was preparing veterans for a Victory Day parade in Ekaterinburg…

We really hope that we will be able to congratulate Leonid Trofimovich on his 90th birthday next year, and he will greet us as brisk and fit as he did this year.

Antonina Fedorovna

Antonina Fedorovna is the Veteran of Labor. She is probably the youngest today, since she just celebrated her 83rd birthday.
She was only 11 years old when the war started. Her father left for the front, and so her mother (who couldn’t even read or write) was raising the children alone. In a year, Antonina got to work with the press. They used to put them right in the field, so more women and children could fashion shells for the army. If it rained they put up a tent and continued working...
Antonina Fedorovna has a lot of stories from her youth, but she doesn’t like sharing them. She’s simply glad that her children got to grow up in a time of peace, just like her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Tamara Grigorievna

As we’ve said before, not everyone in today’s post is a veteran or has a recent birthday. We’ve presented Tamara Grigorievna with a basket from Cyber-Florist simply because we wanted to support this brave and kind woman.
Tamara Grigorievna is retired and raising her disabled daughter. She also tries to make the lives of those around her better every day. In the background of her photo you may notice the flowers that she planted near the porch of her house. She persuaded the local authorities to repair the road near the house: there were potholes so senior citizens were falling in them and even breaking arms and legs. She also told us that she made the authorities install a bench near the porch.

Nadezhda Ivanovna

Nadezhda Ivanovna isn’t retired, she isn’t a veteran or a disabled person. We haven’t sent her a basket because she had a hard life.
She is the mother of Dmitry, one of our managers. Your mother is the most important woman your life, and because Nadezhda Ivanovna had a birthday recentaly, we were glad to make a little present to her.

We deliver hundreds of bouquets and gifts all over the world every day.
We do know that it’s not the size that matters; it's the care and attention put into choosing and sending these flowers. It doesn’t matter whether you send a single rose with a card or an enormous custom-made order. The only thing that matters is that you care about someone, and that someone can feel your love even if you’re thousands of miles apart.
Send caring and heartfelt gifts, and we will deliver them with love and care for you!

With our best wishes to you,
Your Cyber-Florist.