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People have cultivated flowers for a long time. We build greenhouses so we can grow flowers all year long. Selectionists have created new kinds of flowers that can bloom more often than usual. However, certain flowers even though they are available all year are associated with a certain season. Tulips are spring flowers, and chrysanthemums are flowers of fall.

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Chrysanthemums in gardens start to bloom in august, but there are early kinds that start blooming in the middle of July, and yet chrysanthemums never naturally bloom after the middle of September.

We can deliver bouquets of chrysanthemums in various countries and cities. You can find a wide variety of single-flower arrangements with just the mums or more complex arrangements made with several types of flowers.

In case you can’t find the right bouquet in our catalogue contact our support team that works 24/7 or send us a custom order inquiry. Let us know what kind of arrangement you have in mind and where you would like to send it, and we will make our best to fulfill your order.

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You can add a box of chocolates, a plush toy, balloons, or even a cake to any bouquet in our catalog. You can choose them as extras on the bouquet’s page.

If you are sending flowers to an office or another workplace, you might want to add a vase to your order. That way the recipient can easily keep the flowers fresh until evening. If you want to add a vase simply tick the box on the order form of the arrangement before you click on the “Order” button.

The first chrysanthemums are thought to be bred in China many centuries ago. The first written mention of a chrysanthemum as a decorative flower can be found in a work of great ancient philosopher, Confucius. The flowers were used as a part of Chinese ornaments, porcelain, and even old coins. Chrysanthemum means wisdom and longevity in Chinese tradition.

In Japan chrysanthemums became popular in IV century A.D. The Japanese believe the chrysanthemums are rays of sun growing from the ground. The sun is inseparable from the flower. Both words sound the same in Japanese, “Kiku”, and are presented by the same hieroglyph.

Kiku stands for noble simplicity, royalty, erudition, immortality, dignity, and bravery.

Chrysanthemums are sacred in Japan, they can be found in official emblems. The Japanese believe that it is a magic flower that can extend life. And they call the most beautiful girls “o-kiku-san” referring to both a chrysanthemum and the sun.

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