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An exquisite, delicate, and at the same time rich bouquet harmoniously combining snow-white, light green, and pink orchids would be an appropriate gift for any occasion and would certainly delight the recipient!

Our catalog's novelty — the "Butterfly Effect" bouquet of orchids

Velvet petals and intricate variegated orchid cores contrast with the glossy pointed leaves of the aspidistra. Noble shades make the Butterfly Effect bouquet an example of elegance and sophistication, while regal orchids add chic and exotic to the floral cocktail.

How do we assemble a bouquet of orchids and aspidistra?

The bouquet looks aesthetic, airy, and simultaneously weighty; it's pleasant to hold it in hands. Each orchid flower is artfully intertwined with aspidistra leaves wrapped so that their sharp tips stick up. Thanks to this, the bouquet has an additional texture that makes it playful.

Freshly cut chrysanthemums for the bouquet

To form the volume, we used salal leaves - they are almost invisible but turn the bouquet to look lush and multifaceted. For wrapping, we chose a film both resembling orchid petals in texture and matching the color of the bouquet's brightest flowers. Thanks to that, the color accents complement each other, giving the arrangement its completeness.

Fresh leaves of salal

Whom to gift the "Butterfly Effect" bouquet of orchids?

Orchid is a symbol of elegance and self-sufficiency. It is associated with femininity and charm, but at the same time, it's a great way to show respect, reverence, and gratitude.

In the bouquet, we used flowers of three shades, and each color has its own meaning:

Orchids — very beautiful and tender flowers
  • Snow-white ones symbolize innocence, purity, and wisdom. Another meaning is a person's creativity, so they are given to writers, singers, and other art people in their melancholy moments to spur inspiration.
  • Pink ones speak of admiration, romantic love, beauty, and cheerfulness.
  • Green orchids are extraordinary and relatively recently bred flowers; those are given as a wish of luck and happiness.

Orchids are presented not only to a soulmate: the combination of orchids and aspidistras works perfect as a gift to men — it's not in vain in ancient Greece orchids were a symbol of fortitude and courage. You could give the "Butterfly Effect" bouquet to birthday boys and newlyweds, teachers, co-employees, and bosses.

View of the finished "Butterfly Effect" bouquet

In China, where orchids come from, they believed those protect from evil spirits and dark forces, and in many mythologies, these flowers are a talisman and a sign of divine protection. Therefore, the "Butterfly Effect" arrangement would be a wonderful present for loved ones wishing to provide support and give strength.

Different orchid shades successfully combine in the "Butterfly Effect" bouquet

How to diversify a bouquet for a gift?

Delivery of one's favorite flowers is a wonderful gift by itself, always pleasing and cheering up, no matter whether the recipient is expecting them, or the bouquet was sent unexpectedly, by surprise.

But if you want to give the gift a special meaning, make it non-standard and unique, then you can add some additional touches to the arrangement:

  • Chocolate candies;
  • Stuffed toys;
  • Helium balloons;
  • A note or a card with your personal wish.
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And if you plan to order flower delivery to a workplace or restaurant where a wedding or birthday is celebrated, you could add a vase to the bouquet so that the recipient won't have to look for where to put the flowers.

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