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Even though this arrangement is called “Fall colors”, there’s not much of autumn mood in this colorful bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums and freesias.

It is bright and tender – a mixture of vibrant roses, alstroemerias and hypericum and elegant freesias and lisianthuses.

It is considered a complex arrangement – it is made up of ten different flowers. Indeed “Fall colors” bouquet leaves a lasting first impression, but it is an additional pleasure to study the combinations and shades afterwards.

This bouquet is universal as a gift too. You can present it for a birthday or other personal or business celebration, you can send it to a man or a woman, the stylish craft-paper wrapping gives it the sleek look of a gift for a business partner. And of course it would be a perfect gift for the 1st of September!

How do you make a bouquet of roses, alstroemerias, freesias and hypericum by yourself?

In order to make this arrangement we would need:

  • Craft paper and a band of matching color;
  • Yellow freesias;
  • Lush maroon alstroemerias;
  • Hypericum;
  • Spray chrysanthemums of different colors;
  • Milky single-stem roses;
  • Orange spray roses;
  • Purple carnations;
  • Eucalyptus, ruskus, lisianthus, pistach, and bruina.

Rich colors of these flowers have wonderful combinations together. Bright hypericum reminds forest berries, and ruskus leaves add freshness to the whole composition. Yellow shades of summer are contrasted with rich whites of milky-colored rose.

The bouquet is lush and rich in color and texture. Pistach in the center gives it the desired volume. Lush alstroemerias flowers has an unusually complex texture and patter in the petals, that’s why we placed it in the circle around the arrangement. We placed white spray chrysanthemums in the center to resonate with the white roses. Dark carnation serves as a balance counter-point to the complex red and green combinations. The bouquet is arranged in a spiral and tied with a bow.

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