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Our new tender “Snowhite” arrangement with white chrysanthemums and an orchid is a perfect gift.

It’s a very tender bouquet in neutral shades for people who don’t like bright and colorful arrangements. The colors make this bouquet universal, neutral – it is a gift for many occasions, which looks good in any environment.

Cyber Florist can deliver “Snowhite” to any city of the world. We recommend placing your order in advance, at least a day prior to the delivery date if you want a timely delivery. Placing your order well in advance is the best option – the florist has time to carefully prepare your order.

How do you make a bouquet with chrysanthemums and an orchid?

“Snowhite” is arranged in a spiral. White, paper white is the main color of the arrangement. We have added fresh, dark-green ruskus leaves on top of them. Their texture is similar to aspidistra leaves that serve as the nice backdrop for the orchid.

This is a fresh arrangement with a hint of the smell of a forest thanks to green brunia flowers and fern leaves. The combination of the orchid with green chrysanthemums is what adds extra freshness to this arrangement. The compositional center is tied to a tender milk-white rose and brunia on the side visible from all angles.

We packed this “forest ensemble” in a double wrap – craft paper that highlights the concept of the arrangement. It looks like the bark of a tree and tender white petals of the rose play good contrast with each other. The arrangement is tied with a bow of matching color.

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