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Colorful Flowers in a Gift Box

Today we are going to tell you how we create one of our brightest summer arrangements – “Blooming Meadow”.

It is natural to miss the warmth and bright colors of summer during winter. Our “Blooming Meadow” arrangement is a perfect reminder of those things, so sending it is like sending a boxful of summer.

How we make the “Blooming Meadow” arrangement

In order to create this arrangement with sunflowers in a hatbox we will need the following:

  • A khaki hatbox;
  • Paper to stuff the box;
  • Transparent floristic film;
  • A jar of water;
  • Rope or Scotch tape;
  • Satin ribbon;
  • Prepared flower arrangement.

For the arrangement itself we use: one sunflower, five chrysanthemums, three chamomiles, sixteen spray roses, five alstroemerias, two fern leaves, and five sticks of ruscus.

After arranging the flowers we need to fixate them with tape or rope, and then cut so they fit the box.

After you cut the flowers to the optimal height, you need to decide on the compositional center of the arrangement.

Decoration with film: fold the film twice. Cut the film approximately in the shape of a square. Wrap the stems of the flowers up to the rope so the edges of the film face upward. Then we fill the film with water enough for all the flowers. Tie the open end of this jar made of film so the water doesn’t spill

Place the arrangement wrapped in film inside the box. It is important that the flowers neither fall inside the box nor stick out of the box. Fix them with the crumbled paper (put it under the film and around it).

Our arrangement is ready for delivery. It is a massive bouquet so you have to be careful when you deliver it. If it’s cold outside the bouquet is going to be wrapped to protect it from freezing.

Do you like our new arrangement?

With love and care,
Your Cyber-Florist.