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There are many reasons for a gift of flowers in spring and Mother’s Day is probably the best one. This year it falls onto May the 13th.

Which bouquet should I choose?” is always a question. the task is quite simple for those who have an idea of what their mother’s favorite flower is– you simply pick the right flower and make your present. The flowers in our catalog are already sorted into categories according to the flower types so you won’t have to scroll through a plethora of arrangements with gerberas to find the lily bouquet you’re looking for.

But in case you want to surprise and/or impress we have a few useful tips that might help you find the right flower for your mother.

What bouquet do I present?

If you don’t know what flowers the recipient likes, don’t hesitate, just choose a bouquet that you yourself like the most and rest assured – the recipient is going to like it.

We have been making flower and gift deliveries all over the world for more than twenty years and we know for sure that the most joyful thing about sending someone flowers is not a specific flower arrangement. It’s the sheer fact that you remember them, the sign of attention. Even a single rose can make someone’s day better.
On a side note, the most befitting and harmonic bouquet right now would be a seasonal, spring arrangement. You can check some of them out in the photos below.

Click on the photo to order the bouquet you like!

Spring Garden Flower Glade Ballad

Tulip bouquets

Tulip bouquets are also fitting of the season now. You can choose any number of flowers for a bouquet, and either pick from white, red or yellow tulips that are available to order through our website, or place a custom order if you’d like to send tulips of a different color.
You can add greens and nice wrapping or even a vase to any bouquet on our website as an extra. It is done in one click on the “Additional options” portion of the bouquet’s page.

It is also possible to choose from our pre-made tulip arrangements: Spring mix, Violetta or Spring rainbow.

Spring mix Violetta Spring rainbow

Seasonal arrangements

Please be aware that in case you order an arrangement that includes one or several flower with a limited blooming period and that period has already passed at the time of your order, we will have to offer a substitution in case the flower is not available in the country of delivery. This means that our local florists will look through their stock and offer one or several possible options to substitute the unavailable flowers.

We guarantee that we work as hard as we can to deliver only the freshest flowers on every order.

Flower delivery to Europe

We can deliver flowers to any European country. In order to see the relevant price please choose the city of delivery. It’s not a secret that some small towns in different countries of Europe have the same name. So if you don’t want to get confused with delivery address, enter the recipient’s postal code.

Please note that in some cases it might take a couple of days to arrange the delivery especially if the delivery address is a small or remote town or island. That’s why if you need a delivery on a designated date, please make sure to place your order beforehand.

Flower delivery to another country

We can deliver flowers and gifts to any country in the world, small towns and villages in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. We can even deliver the order on the same day if you place it before noon local time. However, we generally recommend placing your orders in advance. You can place your orders a month in advance – that is actually convenient if you like planning ahead.

24/7 customer support

Our customer service team is here to help you with any questions you have regarding our bouquets or services, payment methods accepted, delivery policies etc. If you’re having problems while placing an order give us a call and we will help you solve them. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can reach us via phone, online chat, Skype or even ICQ.

We wish only the best to you and your beloved ones.

Love and care,
Your Cyber Florist.