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In America and Canada, giving flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day is more than just a cliché tradition. There is a long history behind these gifts, dating back to the 17th century. Flowers, especially roses, were the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of Love, and giving these to a special someone was a sign of boundless devotion. The history of chocolate gifts has a similar history, and at, we specialize in helping celebrate these traditions, sending flowers and chocolates to Russia, Ukraine, and around the world.

But all around the world, Valentine’s Day means some very different, yet still romantic, traditions that we can also help you celebrate.
Valentine’s Day means

Earn a Kiss for a Sweet Treat

In Argentina, Valentine’s Day means a lot of smooches! Couples exchange goodies like cookies or other baked treats for every kiss. Cyber Florist’s collection of sweets can help you enjoy this adorable tradition.
Language of Roses

Get Specific with the Language of Roses

In Taiwan, it isn’t just the color of flowers that send a special message, but also the number. You can give a single rose as a romantic or flirty gesture, but when it comes to bouquets, more flowers mean more commitment in this country’s Valentine’s Day tradition. A huge bouquet of 99 roses is a symbol of forever, while sending exactly 108 roses is the same as asking for a woman’s hand in marriage. Cyber Florist can send roses to Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, and around the world to help you express what words just can’t say.
gifts for friends

Not Just for Lovers

In Estonia and Finland, Valentine’s Day isn’t a day for romantic love at all. Instead, friends celebrate their attachment for each other by exchanging gifts and spending time together. This is a sweet way to spread feelings of good will, and if you don’t have a special someone, this could be the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Cyber Florist can send all types of gifts to your friends around the world. Send roses to Moscow, or chocolates around Russia, to celebrate your friendships, too!
chocolate gift

Chocolate Is Universal

From Japan to Ghana and everywhere in between, chocolate is an international symbol of affection. In Japan, women make men special chocolates to express their love, while in Ghana, restaurants create chocolate-themed menus on Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s due to the aphrodisiac effect of this delicious desert, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t feel spoiled by a gift of chocolate.
Valentine’s Day gifts

Spoil Your Sweetheart World Wide with Cyber Florist

At, roses can be sent to your loved one in Moscow, or send flowers and sweet treats to any part of Russia. We can also send flowers to Ukraine, fruit or roses to Russia, and Valentine’s Day gifts around the world.

Ready to spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Make it even more special by celebrating with these traditions from around the world – letting your significant other know that your love for them knows no boundaries. Cyber Florist can help! Our selection of stunning floral bouquets, sweet treats, perfume, huge teddy bears, and other gifts are perfect for every special Valentine. will help you send your flowers, chocolates, and other Valentine’s Day treats, to your loved ones worldwide.

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