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Big and beautiful basket of lilies and roses is a great gift. Out florists called it “Freshness” because the colors and the smell remind you of early summer morning. “Freshness” is a large composition made with lilies and roses, so it’s a perfect gift for an anniversary or other celebration.

This basket is too big to be a “just because” present. However, it should be large enough to be a business gift or an official present.

One of the biggest advantages of a basket arrangement is that flowers stay fresh for a long time due to the way they are prepared. If you do not damage it (do not keep it in the cold, don’t place it near heating devices, don’t drop it) and water it daily, our new flower basket made with lilies and roses, “Freshness”, is going to last for a long time.

How Do You Make a Bouquet of Lilies by Yourself?

We always tell you how we make our new arrangements. And today we will share the secret of making a basket with lilies and roses at home.

For this arrangement, we used:

  • Freshly-cut flowers (lilies, roses and spray roses, ruskus);
  • Floristic sponge;
  • Transparent floristic film;
  • Scotch-tape;
  • Large basket.

Altogether we needed three bricks of oasis for this basket. We have arranged them with the help of scotch-tape and film. The natural twigs of the basket might sometimes be pointy so we decorate the interior of the basket with paper to prevent the damage to the film. It’s important that it stays intact. Otherwise all the water will pour out of the sponge and the flowers are going to wilt.

This composition turned out large and yet fresh and neat. White lilies go perfect together with pittosporum that creates the main volume of the composition. Its leaves have curious white spots that make the whole composition light and really correspond with the white lilies. The bouquet doesn’t feel overloaded with greenery. Yellow single-stem roses create compositional accents. We’ve also added pale-pink spray roses for a more delicate flower combination.

How Can You Order Flower Delivery to Another City?

It’s really easy to order a flower delivery to another city. Cyber Florist delivers flowers all over the world. If you would like to order a bouquet to someone in another city, simply choose an arrangement from our catalog, enter the date and the city of delivery. We will deliver the gift on a specified date to the address that you provide when you place the order.

If you don’t have the exact address it is not a problem, we will only need to know the recipient’s local phone number and the city of delivery! Place your order and pay for it using one of convenient methods of payment. Please note that we only deliver orders that are paid for.

What Guarantees of Quality Flower Delivery Do You Have?

We have been delivering flower bouquets, fruit baskets, gift sets and arrangements for twenty years. We deliver flowers and gifts to anywhere in the world, small towns and villages too, not just capitals and large cities. We can guarantee high quality of our flower deliveries because we know the nuances of the market.

However we understand that different situations might occur. Therefore, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. So if you are not satisfied with the quality of delivered flowers or gifts, please notify us as soon as possible, describing the issue in detail. Our main goal is our customers’ 100% satisfaction; we will either re-deliver the order with an apology, or issue a refund.

You can trust us to deliver flowers and gifts to your relatives for you!

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, our lines are open 24/7.