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Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers in the world second only to roses, and just like them mums can be single-stem or spray. There are dozens of various types and shades of the flower, which allows for some spectacular bouquets made with mums.

There are many bouquets with chrysanthemums in our catalog, and “Amelie” is one of them. This beautiful arrangement combines single-stem and spray mums of different colors as well as purple statice and green foliage.

How to order flower delivery to another city?

It’s easy to order flowers to another city or country. You simply need to choose the bouquet you would like to send and then enter the name of the city you would like it to be delivered to and the date of delivery. There is no need to look for a local florist in the city of delivery, especially if you don’t know the language of the country you are sending the flowers to. Simply place your order online with Cyber Florist.

How to choose a bouquet for birthday?

First of all, you should always look for bouquets with flowers that your recipient likes. The flowers in our catalog are neatly divided into categories by types. You can also choose the flowers according to the color or shade if you know what the recipient’s favorite color is – you can browse the flowers in our catalog using these options as well.

Chrysanthemum bouquet - how to choose the best one?

A bouquet of mums is a beautiful gift, the flowers are fine and elegant. “Amelie” combines radiant white mums with lush green and delicate lilac spray-mums. Such an arrangement is going to stay fresh for a while since mums are very resilient flowers. Our catalog includes more than sixty arrangements with chrysanthemums, so you can choose which one you like the best!

How We Make “Amelie” Arrangement With Mums

“Amelie” is arranged in a spiral and is made using mums of different colors and green foliage, ruskus and pistach leaves, to add volume to the arrangement.

The centerpiece of the arrangement is a big branch of “Feeling Green” chrysanthemums and all the other colors are arranged around it – fluffy big single-stem white mums and delicate purple spray mums. Purple statice is used to add accents to the bouquet.

Wrapping plays an important part in this arrangement. We used matte foil with stripes. Once the bouquet is finished the foil highlights the texture of the flowers and their delicate shades that seem to play with each other. The geometry of the stripes sets the rhythm reflected in the pistachio leaves. All these details put together make this a modern, lush and vibrant arrangement even though it is made with mums only.

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